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Today is Robert’s 30th Birthday!! Make sure to come in to celebrate this hug day with him. We are gong to get sweaty with this one!   “Tabata Tuesday!!” Calorie Row 1 Minute Rest Double-Unders 1 Minute Rest Squats 1 Minute Rest Russian Twists (20/15) 1 Minute Rest Burpees


We will be doing a very light DT today in order to practice the workout before we do HEAVY DT!!! This weight is light enough for all of you to do the Rx. Let get PERFECT positions in every single rep. On Heavy DT the mechanic of each position are crucial, so make this practice…

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You guys have SURVIVED the first week of school and just as we started this week we will end it…. with a SPRINT to the finish!! The reps are very small today, so make sure to make EVERY SINGLE REP PERFECT!!! 6-4-2: Snatches (115/65) Bar Over Burpees


We will be working on some very doable, but challenging gymnastic movements today. Lets shoot for perfect and smooth movements like always, but really dig down deep and when you get fatigue. Lets keep does movements nice and crisp. Maybe we will have our very own Simone Biles or Aly Raisman shine through today! 22…

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The Hump Day is here!!! Which means it’s time to get after a nice little chipper.   For Time: 400m Run 20 Box Jumps (24″/20″) 400m Run 16 Deadlifts (205/125)


We are in for a fun one!!! YUP!!! It’s time to re-test “FRAN”!!! There’s going to be some big PRs today!   “Fran” 21-15-9: Thruster (95/65) Pull-ups


It seems like Summer is finally over for most of you parents and teachers. It sure was a lot shorter than most but we still had an awesome vacation. Furthermore, I know you guys will be running from spot to spot this week. So I only founded fitting that we start this week up  with this sprint to the…

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Today marks the official first week of our new strength cycle!! I’m excited to see how much more you guys are able to improve within the next five weeks.   13 Min. AMRAP: 12 T2B 9 Burpees 6 Pistols 250m Row


Lets mx things up a little with this workout. You will have one forty-five pound plate to use the WHOLE TIME!! You will have to lunge, Russian twists and carry it to our two hundred meter mark. Time to get after it!! 3 Rounds: 20 Lunges (45/25) 20 Russian Twist (45/25) 200m Plate Carry (45/25)

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