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First that of August and it is time to get in some of the last bit of Summer in. Today we are chipping away at this spicy WOD! Be in the look out for our newsletter!! It is coming out this week! 27-21-15-9-3: Ring Push-Ups DB. Snatches (45/25) Squats


After that tough start we are taking on a cardio blaster with this Tabata! It has been way too long! “Tabata!!!” Max Strict Pull-Ups -1 Min. Rest- Max Cal. Row -1 Min. Rest- DB. Russian Twists (40/20)


We are tackling a tough one today. The cleans are the full range of motion kind. YOU WILL BE SQUATTING !!   3 Rounds: 7 Cleans (165/105) 400m Run


This week ends just like we started. This one does have some more spicy stuff. The Rx+ for today would be doing deficit kipping HSPU, if you are feeling up to it give a shot with a 6″ deficit!   3 Rounds: 10 HSPU 15 GHD Sit-Ups 20/15 Cal. Row


Today we are putting in some solid work with a ton of weights!!     For Time: 10 Snatches (135/85) 100m Farmer’s Carry (62/35) 10 Snatches (135/85) 100m Front Rack Farmer’s Carry (62/35)


Time to get over the hump. The no push-up burpees are the ones where we extend our arms fully into a straight arm plank and right back up into a normal burpee!     4 Rounds: 20 No Push-Up Burpees 10 DB. Thruster (40/20) 50 DU’s


This one is going to be a spicy one!!!   For Time: 800m Run 20 SDHP (95/55) 600m Run 20 Hang Power Cleans (95/55) 400m Run 20 Push Jerks (95/55)


We are getting after a benchmark today!!!   “Cindy” 20 Min. AMRAP: 5 Pull-Ups 10 Push-Ups 15 Squats


We are finishing the week up with a fun EMOM today!   20 Min. E5MOM [4 RDS]: 200m Run 10 Med. Ball Slams (30/20) 14 Burpees

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