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Today we will be tackling a spicy, but simple workout. The goal is to move through things as fast as possible within one minute. Hopefully we will be seeing one of these movements on the open this year!   12 Min. EMOM: 1: 12 Cal. Row 2: 8 Ring Dips 3: 10 KB. Swings (35/26)


This is going to be a fast one!!!!   18-15-12-9-6-3: Burpees Hang Power Cleans (95/65)


We are on the last week of the Open!! Time sure flies. Make sure to enter your times before 5 PM today. We are resetting our bodies from 18.4 with this cardio heavy workout!   28 Min. AMRAP: 800m Run 30 Burpees 100m Farmer’s Carry (35/26) 30 Sit-Ups 50 DU’s


If you are doing the Open tomorrow I recommend you rest up!!! If not lets tackle this beast!!   24 Min. AMRAP: 20 Burpees 100 Double-Unders 20 Air Squats 300m Run


We will be building up on this one!!! The BARBELL WILL COME FROM THE FLOOR!!! Should be fun.   18 Min. E3MOM [6 RDS]: 3 Front Squats


Let’s get after the hump with this spicy one!   For Time: 50 Cal. Row 35 C2B 20 Thrusters (95/65)


Dumbbells are BACK!!! Just in case you didn’t get enough DB. Snatches on 18.3!!   3 Rounds: 100m Run 10 Burpees 20 DB. Snatches (50/35)


This one is going to be sweaty one!!!! Make sure to go to bed early. Don’t let daylight savings get you.   25 Min. AMRAP: 10 HSPU 20 Pull-Ups 30 Squats 800m Run


WOW!!! Looks like we will have a tough one for this week with 18.3! Make sure to reach out to set up your heat time and set up your judge for tomorrow’s workout. Today we are getting after a good one too, so come on in to get loose before tomorrow.   10 Min. AMRAP:…

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