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“Megan” was as fun as ever. It seems like it’s time to start working in our brand new white board wall. As for today we will have some very fun stuff, such as running and other leg related movements!!   2 Rounds: 800m Run 15 SDHP (95/65) 30 Push Ups


We are reviewing a very cool girl today. The key to day’s workout is being very efficient in the kettle bell swings and the double-unders. Must of you guys have been struggling with the heavy KB. swings. I included a good review video right below. Make sure to take a look at it, you guys…

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Lets start things up!! 4 Rounds: 10 GHD Sit Ups 20 Ring Rows 30 Squats 40 Double Unders


We are finishing big with this Flex Friday workout!! Don’t forget that if you are still having a hard time setting New Year’s goals to come talk to me, this way we can at least figure one or two goals out. 3 Rounds: 21 Deadlifts (135/85) 15 Hang Power Cleans (135/85) 9 Push Jerks (135/85)


Since you guys have been doing so awesome this whole week. We are going to mix things up with this fun partner workout. Make sure to get one of your favorite buddies to come in for this fun one!! “Off to the Races” 18 Min. AMRAP: 12 Wall Balls (20/16) 10 Kb. Swings (62/35) 8…

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This one sure is going to challenge us today. The alternate for pistols today will be doing double the amount of lunges!!! For Time: 20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups 30 Pistols 40 Sit-Ups 800m Run 40 Sit-Ups 30 Pistols 20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups


First week of the new year!! Time to get back in the saddle and keep pushing forward. We need to get rid of all the possible holiday weight. We’ll get to start things up with this fun one. 3 Rounds: 400m Run 25 Russian Twists (L/R=1 & 20/15) 50 Double Unders


2015 is officially in the books now!! We all had an awesome year and we will make 2016 another awesome year. There’s a ton of fun and exciting things coming our way in 2016. A big aspect of our success will always remaining being our goal setting. Furthermore, we will need to all set new…

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Last day of the year!! Time to finish it up with a fun one. Today’s workout is a partner workout. Let’s put some teamwork skills to the test!!! Also WE ONLY HAVE ONE CLASS TODAY AT 9 AM!! “Last One” 400m Relay Run 40 Thrusters (75/35) 10 Double Unders 30 Thrusters (75/35) 20 Double Unders…

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