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I hope all of you had an awesome and safe Fourth of July. Lets burn off some of that great food with this mini metcon. You guys will have an exact time cap of 20 MINUTES!!!¬†We will not have a 5 AM CLASS today. All other class from 6 AM on are back to normal…

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It’s finally the Fourth of July!!! It’s time to get some sweat flowing so we can feel worry free enjoying the festivities. We will ONLY HAVE ONE CLASS AT 8:30 AM!!! We will be paying tribute to our fallen soldiers and all of the active service man with this fun partner workout.   “Get Some…

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Woahh!!! July is finally here and with it a ton of awesome stuff. For starters today is Carri’s birthday!!! Make sure to wish her well and enjoy this workout with her. Next, this date officially marks my third year as your head-coach. I am very grateful and thankful for having been given this opportunity at…

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It’s almost weekend time and with it comes July!!! Lets keep on pushing forward with this fun EMOM. We will be working on some pendlay row today for strength, if you have some lingering questions check this video out! 12 Min. EMOM: Station 1: 10 GHD Sit-Ups 10 DB. Push Press (40/20) Station 2: 10…

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Time to review a classic benchmark. Today we have the awesome… Megan!!   “Megan” 21-15-9: Burpees Kb. Swings (62/35) Double Unders


Lets get some meters on your sneakers with this nice workout. 5 Rounds: 800m Run 100 Jump Rope Singles 10 Power Snatches (95/45)


We are starting the week off with an awesome team workout!!! Make sure to get your crossfit down here with you for this one. Hoover Ball was extremely fun this Saturday. We will play again Saturday the 9th!! Make sure to put in your calendar if you wish to have a good time. Lastly, yesterday…

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This is going to be a nasty one to get us into the weekend!! Don’t forget we have our first Hoover Ball Game tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM!! “Tabata Delight” Ring Dips Calorie Row Push Ups


The heat is coming on pretty strong. It won’t be hard to enjoy the sun with this one. 3 Rounds: 50 Double Unders 50 Sit-Ups 30 Walking Lunges

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