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Today is going to be a spicy one! You will have to perform both burpees and double-unders in one minute or under for a total of fourteen rounds! Lets see how many of you can go unbroken on your double-unders for all fourteen minutes!   14 Min. EMOM: 5 Burpees 15 Double-Unders


Lets get over the Hump with this fun workout.   3 Rounds: 30 KB. Swings (35/26) 25 Calorie Row 200m Run


Running shoes are a must today! We are mixing our gymnastic movement with some fun out in the sun.   For Time: 400m Run 30 Pull-Ups 400m Run 30 Push-Ups 400m Run 30 T2B 400m Run 30 Sit-Ups


I hope all you papas got extra spoiled this pass weekend! Lets work off some of the Father’s Day sweets with this quick workout.   5 Rounds: 10 Hang Cleans (30/20) 10 Ball Slams (20/10) 5 Burpees


Last rower workout for the week!   15 Min. E5MOM: 15/12 Cal. Row 7 HSPU


Today we are getting swole with some fun movements.   “Swole!!” 2 Rounds: 30 Bench Press (45/35) 200ft. Sled Push (145/95) 30 DB. Lunges (35/25) 200m Ball Carry (20/16) 30 Kb. Swings (35/26)


We are sticking to some more rower work today!   3 Rounds: 30 Cal. Row 10 Thrusters (95/55) 20 Push-Ups


As you guys can see here we have started off this week with a lot of fun. Joe finally PRed his double-unders yesterday. Lets spice things up with this mini beast of a workout.   For Time: 800m Row 30 Burpees to Plate (35/25) 20 Wall Balls (20/16)


We are getting things started with a SPRINT!!   50-40-30-20-10: Double-Unders Sit-Ups Squats

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