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Simple. Today is all about keeping nice and simple. You just have to do two movements. If you are not very strong at HSPU make today the day you really practice your mechanics. For Time: 50 HSPU 50 Box Jumps (30″/24″)


This one will go by really fast!! Make sure you are efficient with your transitions. 20 Min. EMOM: 1: 15/10 Cal. Row 2: 12 GHD Sit-Ups 3: 5 Thrusters (95/65) 4: 100 Singles


We are going with a classic pull and push workout today! 30-20-10: Pull-Ups Russian KBS. (71/53)


Time to finish things up!! 18 Min. EMOM: 1: 10 Box Jumps (24″/20″) 2: 130m Run


Today we will be working on a ton of strength work. If you have some fancy fancy oly shoes bring them in today!!!   For Time: 12 Cleans (135/95) 9 Cleans (155/115) 6 Cleans (175/135) 3 Cleans (195/155)


We are getting a definite pump today!! The person to thank for this sweet and powerful workout is Sexy Mike!!! Today he turns 71 years young!!!   For Time: 71 DU’s 30 DB. Power Cleans (45/25) 71 Burpees


This is going to be a spicy one!!! The score is the amount of burpees completed!!! 16 Min. EMOM: 1: 10 SDHP (75/55)+ MAX BURPEES 2: 10 Hang Power Cleans (75/55)+ MAX BURPEES 3: 10 Hang Power Snatches (75/55)+ MAX BURPEES 4: 1 Min. Rest!!!


We are kicking things off with a spice chipper!!! Get on in so you can be part of the fun!!!   For Time: 75 Cal. Row 100ft. Walking Lunges 20 Jumping Squats 200m Run 100ft. Walking Lunges 20 No-Push Up Burpees 200m Run 100ft. Walking Lunges 20 Pull-Ups 600m Run


Time to finish up this spicy week with another simple, but tough workout. 3 Rounds: 15 HR Push-Ups 15 Goblet Squats (62/53)

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