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I hope all of you had a great Halloween night! We are back to work with this sprint WOD.   For Time: 20 Box Jumps (24″/20″) 20 Goblet Squats (62/53) 20 Cal. Row


Happy Halloween! I hope you guys are ready to take an easy one today. We are taking things in stride with this 10 minute AMRAP. THERE IS NO EVEING CLASS TONIGHT DUE TO HALLOWEEN. Get outside and have some fun with your family & kids.   10 Min. AMRAP: 16 DB. Push Press (40/20) 40…

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Things are getting toned down by a hair today.   21-18-15-12-9: Pull-Ups Clapping Push-Ups


We have a very tough today!!! As we are upping our training I will need you guys to get back to being better at showing up 10-5 minutes early to any schedule group class. This coming Wednesday we will not have an eveing class due to Halloween.   14 Min. EMOM: 1: 200m Run 2:…

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Lets finish up the week! This is going to be a fun one.   21-15-9: Ring Dips Hang Power Cleans (95/55)


We are getting after a tough one today. It is an all out sprint and it will be just a quick burst, but we are going to have to move efficiently. Bring it on in!!   5 Min. EMOM: 100m Run + 30 DU’s ***Both Performed Every Minute On the Minute!!!***


This is a partner workout. You guys are splitting the reps down the middle (50/50). Bring your favorite workout buddy and get after this sweet monster!   For Time: 100 Russian KBS. (62/35) 90 Cal. Row 80 Sit-Ups 70 No Push-Up Burpees ***Teams of 2!!!***


This is a SPICY ONE!!!! We are doing a lot of climbing, so bring long socks!!!   For Time: 400m Run 5 Rope Climbs (15 Burpees) 400m Run 4 Rope Climbs (12 Burpees) 400m Run 3 Rope Climbs (9 Burpees) 400m Run 2 Rope Climbs (6 Burpees)


We are getting a lot of reps in today!!! “Tabata” Max Hang Power Snatches (95/55) ***2 Min. Rest!!!*** Max Uneven Push-Ups ***2 Min. Rest!!!*** Max Front Squats (95/55)

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