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Time to break in the new hand stand push up wall!!!!   15 Min. EMOM: 1: 100m Run 2: 10 HSPU 3: 10 DB. Snatches (40/30)


This one is going to be a sprint!!! Let’s see if you guys can get this one done in under 5 minutes!!!!   3 Rounds: 20 HR Push-Ups 15 KB. Swings (35/26) 50 Double-Unders


We are back in action!!! We will be at our new building today. However, there still some work to be finish. The biggest being our restroom. We don’t have a fully functioning restroom just yet. We should have one that works later this week or at the latest early next week. I’m excited to have…

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We will be finishing some work on our new building today and will be open for normal class this Wednesday morning starting with 5 AM!!


We are finishing up construction at our new building today and possibly tomorrow. We are on the home stretch of our move. I hope to see you all on Tuesday!!! In the mean time give this one a shot at home or at the park!! 20 Min. AMRAP: 10 Strict Pull-Ups 40 Lunges 200m Run


We have a fun sprint today!! This HSPU are kipping and the goal is to be under 10 minutes!!!   4 Rounds: 10 HSPU 300m Run


We are really all about the weights today. On today’s workout you can opt to do any variation of a clean (ex: power clean, split clean or full clean) and the same thing goes for the jerks. Only catch is that you have 16 minutes to complete the ladder!!!   For Time: 10 Clean &…

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We are getting over the hump with a fun partner workout today!!   For Time: 1,200m Row 24 DB. Snatches (50/35) 36 Burpees 400m SA. Farmer’s Walk (62/35) **In Teams of 2!!!** **Split the reps!!!**


I’m sure you all are beat up from yesterday. So, we will be working some of your soreness out with this cardio blaster!!!   “Tabata” Max Cal. Row -1 Min. Rest- Max DU’s -1 Min. Rest- Max Russian Twist (20/14)

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