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Christmas is on its way and we need to keep on plowing away, so we may enjoy ourselves with our loved ones. Lets work on some strong over head positions today with this awesome workout!!   4 Rounds: 5 Snatch (115/65) 400m Run 10 OHS (115/65) 200m Run


Woaah!!! The chili cook-off was a blast!! The New Chili Champ is Dylan Wynn. Jeff came in as a very close second! Let’s get rid of our chili filled bellys with this fun EMOM. 15 Min. Every 3 Minutes On the Minute: 10 Sit-Ups 10 Burpees 20 Double Unders


We are doing some metabolic conditioning today, just a tiny bit. Especially since our new Crossfitter of the Month and people like Tony and Ursula love doing things like this one.It sure is going to test your…. Gas Tank!!   “Gas Tank!!!” 5 Rounds: 1 Min. Calorie Row 1 Min. Burpees 1 Min. Double Unders…

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August was an awesome month. We finished the first portion of our program and got to do our CrossFit Total. Additionally Ursula was an awesome CrossFitter of the Month!! She broke a ton of her old PRs and even learned new skills. Nonetheless August is come to a close and this month’s CrossFitter of the…

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I think this one is very cool one. You guys will have to use your noggin a tiny bit, but not much. Main priority today is getting the push press down to perfection. This means no double knee bending when it’s suppose to be a single knee bend into press. NOT A JERK!! Let’s get…

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This week sure has been fun. We will keep on blasting through this fun in this very cool AMRAP.   18 Min. AMRAP 5 Toes to Bar 200m Run 10 Box Jumps (24”/20”) 200m Run 15 Alternating V-Ups 100m Run   Log Results in Sugar WOD


We will keep things nice and simple today. You guys just have to do this. Let’s really work on keeping that good body position on the double-unders. Big toes together and nice tight torso!!!   10 Rounds: 20 Double Unders 10 Kb. Swings (62/35)   Log Results in Sugar WOD


Time to get your Memorial Day off to an awesome start with this fun workout. Yes, it is MURPH!!! because there is no other way to celebrate Memorial Day than with this sweet beast. We will be open for only one class today at 8:30 AM!! Be here for some great fun!!   “Murph” For…

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    “The 12 Days of CrossFit” CFSC New Year’s Eve WOD 12.31.08                CrossFit San Clemente GRAND OPENING 8.16.08 Our official Grand Opening last August was a blast working out in the hot sun with new and familiar faces.

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