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Category Archive for: Workout of the Day


HUMP DAY!!!! Let get a Rump Pump today!   4 Rounds: 500m Row 100ft. Walking Lunges (30/15) 10 Bench Press (95/55)


This one is going after the good ole push and pull feel. Let’s get it!   18 Min. AMRAP: 10 Strict Pull-Ups 10 SDHP (95/55) 20 Russian KBS. (71/53) 20 Push-Ups


Time to get a cardio blaster in!! Kick all that turkey out of your system.   3 Rounds: 10 Burpees 300m Run 20 Sit-Ups


We are burning some of that Turkey Dinner away with this sweaty beast!! See you guys at 8 AM!   “Tabata!” Cal. Row ***2 Min. Rest!!!*** Russian Twists (20/10) ***2 Min. Rest!!!*** Bench Press (45/35) ***2 Min. Rest!!!*** Plated G2O (45/25)


Happy Thanksgiving!! We will only have one group class today and tomorrow. Class time is at 8 AM!!! Today is a partner workout, so bring a friend! See you guys at 8 AM.   30 Min. AMRAP: 40 Wall-Balls (20/14) 800m Row 50 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″) 30 Pull-Ups


HUMP DAY!!!! We are getting in a mini Rump Pump with this 15 minute AMRAP.   15 Min. AMRAP: 20 Push-Ups 10 Deadlifts (185/135) 100m Farmer’s Carry (62’s/35’s)


All of our 5 AMers are out of town this week. So, this week we will not have a 5 AM class, unless you want to set up an appointments time for that group class. Today we have a tough class going on. We will be tackling down some hand stand walking, if you can’t…

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We have a fun Thanksgiving in store for us this week. If you are interested on the Lululemon deal make sure you take advantage of it by the 22nd!   For Time: 30 KB. Swings (62/53) 500m Row 50 DB. Power Cleans (40/20)


Cardio time!!! This week has been a dozy and we are capping it off in an easier manner with this one. Don’t forget to make it out to Lululemon at Mission Viejo to get your discount.   For Time: 100 Russian Twist (20/10) 1,000m Run 100 Sit-Ups

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