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Things are staying nice and simple today again. Try to shoot for unbroken sets on the GHD’s, if the GHD’s get to easy let’s test the midline with some load! 15 Min. EMOM: 1: 15 Ring Rows 2: 15 GHD Sit-Ups 3: 15 Cal. Row


I hope everyone had a nice Easter Weekend. I hope you guys didn’t get too crazy because today’s workout is a mini sprint. For Time: 300m Run 30 Squats 30 HR Push Ups 300m Run 20 T2B 20 Pull-Ups 300m Run 10 Box Jump (24″/20″) 10 Burpees


This one is a lot of stop and go. You will have three different scores, so every AMRAP counts! Come on in and get it!! I. 3 Min. AMRAP: 10 DU’s 5 DB. Shoulder Press (50’s/35’s) 1 Min. Rest!!! II. 5 Min. AMRAP: 20 DU’s 10 DB. Push Press (50’s/35’s) 1 Min. Rest!!! III. 7…

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Today we will do a partner workout. We will be alternating between one on and one off to get after each movement. The time to beat is twenty five minutes! 5 Rounds: 14 Wall Balls (20/14) 150m Partner Run 20 KB. Deadlifts (70’s/53’s) 150m Partner Run


Hump Day!!! Time to get after a serious upper body pump. We are practicing some strict pull-ups, since we have been doing some work on them. Let’s see how it is paying off. 3 Rounds: 400m Run 25 HR Push-Ups 15 Strict Pull-Ups


This one is going to be a SPICY one. The time cap is 16 minutes. Let’s get it! For Time: 50/35 Cal. Row 20 Power Cleans (135/75) 40/25 Cal. Row 15 Power Cleans (155/95) 30/15 Cal. Row 5 Power Cleans (185/105)


We are getting after this one with a mini copy cat version of Cindy. This is the last week to get your name down for the Dunk Truck. Make sure you get your name down if you wanna do it. 20 Min. AMRAP: 5 Burpees 10 Step Back Lunges (50’s/35’s) 15 Ball Slams (20/10)


Today we are doing rope climbs ALL THE WAY UP!! Make sure you bring your shin protecting into class. For Time: 300m Run 2 Rope Clim (17’/15′) 200m Run 20 GHD Sit-Ups 100m Run 10 Wall Walks


Sweet and nasty with this one. The time cap ins set at 13 minutes!!! Lets see if anyone can manage to go unbroken on all the movements! 3 Rounds: 20 T2B 30 Sit-Ups 50 Squats

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