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This Wednesday we are tackling a challenging WOD. The second half is a version of DT. The goal should be to go unbroken on all the barbell movements, if you do need a belt don’t be shy about it and snag a belt. 5 Rounds: 20/15 Cal. Row 12 Deadlifts (115/95) 9 Hang Power Cleans…

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Things are getting a little spicy today. The goal is to accomplish both of these movements in 75 seconds!! Make sure to tape your thumbs. It will help. 7:30 Min. E90Sec [5 RDS]: 5 Devil Presses (40’s/20’s) 6 DB. Lunges (40’s/20’s)


Time to get this week started!!! Just a reminder today we start or 6:30 PM class time and this Saturday we are getting dunked! If you still want to get dunked make sure to get your name on the sign up sheet. For Time: 30 Pull-Ups 75 GHD Sit-Ups 30 Pull-Ups


Time to finish up this week up with a solid grinder!!! We have the dunk truck coming next weekend, so sing up soon. Also, our shirts will be printed soon. Give shirt sizes if you want one. 4 Rounds: 5/3 Rope Climbs (12’/10′) 100 Jump Rope Singles 20 Alt. DB. Snatches (50/35)


Lets get it!!! We are back to getting after it hard! 4 Rounds: 30 Box Jumps (24″/20″) 20 OHS (75/55) 20 T2B Buy-Out: 100m DB. Farmer’s Carry (50’s/35’s)


We are taking it a little easy today with some an active recovery workout!!! The rest of this week is toughie!! 16 Min. EMOM: 1: 15 V-Ups 2: 45 Sec. Straight Arm Plank 3: 20 Hollow Rocks 4: 45 Sec. Plank


Yesterday should have made your shoulder get some serious work in. Today we are getting in some cardio. By the way congrats to all of you who got your first double-under yesterday. That is one small milestone, that will be huge in the long run. Well done! 5 Rounds: 20/15 Cal. Row 400m Run


We are starting this week up with some serious shoulder work. You will have to get both of these movements done in one minute! 10 Min. EMOM:30 DU’s+10 HSPU


We are finishing up this week up with a SPRINT!!!   8 Min. AMRAP: 8/6 T2B 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)

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