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Category Archive for: Workout of the Day


We are working it today with a simple chipper!!   30-20-10: Wall Balls (20/14) Jumping Lunges Double-Unders


HUMP DAY!!! Today’s workout has a lot of pull-up bar work. If you have any hand care products, make sure you bring them in today. No RIPPED hands today!   15 Min. AMRAP: 20 Bar MU’s 8 GTOH (135/95) 15 Bar MU’s 8 GTOH (135/95) 10 Bar MU’s 8 GTOH (135/95)


Now that your shoulders are thoroughly worked lets get in an all body workout in. The rowing is gonna add up, so make sure you are following proper form! 4 Rounds: 1,000/800m Row 25 Push-Ups 100ft. Farmer’s Carry (62/35) 10 Deadlifts (205/185)


We are getting started with a lot of shoulder work this week! Also, our offical 2018 CrossFittter of the Year is Jack Hedger. 4 Rounds: 3 Rope Climbs or 10 Burpees 50ft. HSW or 10 HSPU 6 Alt. DB. Snatches (50/35) 50ft. HSW or 10 HSPU


The finisher!!! We are chasing that cardio again today. Our Chili Cook Off is this weekend! Make sure to make it out for a good time.   For Time: 60 Squats 1,000m Run 60 T2B 500m Row 60 Step Overs (50’s/35’s)


Hump Day!!! We are working our glutes off with this one.   3 Rounds: 15 DB. Thrusters (50’s/35’s) 20/15 Cal. Row


We are working on some skill movements today!!! Come on in to get in on the fun.   16 Min. EMOM: 1: 10 HSPU 2: 10 Pistols


This is going to get the juices GOING!!! Time to get in on the last month of the year!   25 Min. E2:30Min. [10 RDS]: 200m Run 3 Cleans (95/55) 7 Burpees


THIS ONE IS HARD!! Make sure to come on in if you want to get challenged.   “Beast!!!” 6 Min. EMOM: 5 Power Cleans (95/55) & 5 Burpees ****2 Min. Rest!!!**** 6 Min. EMOM: 5 Devil Presses (30’s/20’s) & 20 DU’s

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