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Way to kickoff the week guys. Lets keep things going with today's fun workout.   100 Pull Ups 75 Cal. Row 50 Lunges (L/R=1) 25 V-Ups   Log Results On Sugar WOD  


Lets get things started with some EMOM fun.   16 Min. EMOM Even= 8 Deadlifts (185/135) Odd= Wall Balls (20/16)   Log Results On Sugar WOD  


Thirty minute EMOM are always a fun way to start-off the weekened, but I think we can still have some more fun today.   7 Rounds: 7 Squats (115/95) 7 Burpees 7 V-Ups 7 Cal. Row *20 Min. Time Cap   Log Results On Sugar WOD


The weekend is almost here, before it comes we will be having some fun with a fiesty little WOD.   30 Min. EMOM Even= 100m Run Odd= 60 Mt. Climbers   Log Results On Sugar WOD


The start of the month is here ones again. Which means a ton of fun is ahead of us, however this also means we get to choose a new crossfitter of the month. This month is unique, since we will be having two crossfitters of the month. Laura and Jennifer from the 9 O’clock class…

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Double AMRAPS are always a blast to do. We will get through the humpday with this awesome WOD.   3 Rounds: 10 Shoulder Press (95/65) 10 Lunges (L/R=1) 400m Run Log Results On Sugar WOD


Today is going to be a good day because we are going to have double the fun.   7 Min. AMRAP 10 Deadlifts (155/95) 10 Burpees 2 Min. Break 7 Min. AMRAP 20 Ball Slams (20/15) 10 Cal. Row     Log Results On Sugar WOD


The start of another week is here again and with it  a lot of very radical things to do!!!   5 Rounds: 10 T2B 10 BE 15 Box Jumps 10 Hollow Rocks     Log your times on Sugar WOD


The weekend is all ways a good time to have a blast. Let's make this weekend a super radical one with today workout to kick it off.   4 Rounds: 400m Row 10 Broad Jump Burpees 10 SDHP (95/65) 10 Ring Rows Log your times on Sugar WOD    

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