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Category Archive for: Workout of the Day


The humpday is here and with it we are just that much closer to Friday's awesoem fun. Let's have a blast with today's fun workout. Don't forget to keep that bar close and triple extend.   4 Rounds: 6 Snatches (95/65) 400m RUn 20 Hollow Rocks 5 Wall Walks Log your times on Sugar WOD


Let's keep the fun going with this classic chipper.   21-15-9 Box jumps (24”/20”) Ring Push Ups V-Ups     Log your times on Sugar WOD


We are in for a fun week this week and we are starting things off with some EMOM action.    14 Min. EMOM Even: 10 Burpees 20 DU’s Odd: 12 Cal. Row 20 Mt. Climbers (L/R=1)


Awesome job on Angie everyone. A lot of you got to set a PR yesterday and that was great to see. However, what I liked seeing the most was how determine you all were to give Angie your all. Don't be bummed out if you guys didn't meet your new PR, this just means we…

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It's time to finish off another great week of training and of course we would finish or week of training with awesome girl wod. It's time to have a go at "Angie"!!!   "Angie" 100 Pull Ups 100 Push Ups 100 Sit Ups 100 Squats


Let's keep kicking some butt with today's fun AMRAP. The most significant part of the over head lunges is making sure to have your arms fully locked out, so don't forget it or else I'll get you a ligher weight!!   16 Min. AMRAP: 10 OH Lunges (45/25) 10 Burpees 200m Run


It's been a long time coming and it's finally here. Time to have some fun with Hell's Bells!!!!   Hell’s Bells 3 Rounds: 1 Hill Run 20 KB. Swings (35/26) 1 Backwards Hill Run 20 KB. SDHP (35/26)   20 Min. Time Cap


We are off to a strong strat and this week is only going to get better.   3 Rounds: 50 DU’s 25 Cal. Row 50 K-T-E 25 Mt. Climbers (L/R=1)


Let's get things going with a few everyone's favorite moves.   4 Rounds: 10 Front Squats (135/95) 1 Farmer’s Carry (T/B=1) 10 Thrusters (95/55) 200m Med. Ball Run

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