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Today’s workout is going to really make you dig deep if you do it right. For the burpees I want you guys to jump down into the burpee first then proceed to jump into the pull up bar. You are allowed to kip up when you have a hold of the pull up bar. If…

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Lets conquer the Hump with a quick chipper that is guaranteed to make you sweat! Friday we are closed for  group classes. A group of us are going down to Del Mar to watch the Regionals. Make sure to plan your week out accordingly! 25-20-15-10-5: Box Jumps (24″/20″) Wall Balls (20/16) Push-Ups


We are going work on our engine today with this nice mix of cardiovascular movements. You CANNOT run or row the whole workout. You have to alternate like it’s written right here! Friday we are closed for  group classes. A group of us are going down to Del Mar to watch the Regionals. Make sure to…

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We are diving head first into our first full week of our brand new strength cycle! Make sue to come on in to join  in on the cool new complex. Also, this Friday we are closed since a group of us are going down to Del Mar to watch the Regionals. Make sure to plan…

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We are gonna get our grip nice and toasty today! Hopefully it doesn’t affect anyones grip for tomorrow’s Hoover Ball. We will meet at the pier tomorrow morning from 8 AM till 9/9:30 AM. Make sure to get on today’s fun so we can enjoy the fun out in the sun tomorrow morning!   15…

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We are going mix things up a little bit with a medicine ball carry! The big Rx factor today is the hang power clean. Make sure to pick a weight you can do smoothly and quickly. You should be able to at least do five hang power cleans when fresh with your chosen weight. 4…

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We are getting over the midweek blue with this FUN partner workout. It should end up being a sprint at end. You guys will be splitting all reps except for the 400m Run in half.   For Time: 400m Partner Run 150 Jump Rope Singles 30 Burpees 20 Shoulders to Overhead (95/65) 50 Russian Twists…

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There were some serious jumps made yesterday. That means we have a lot fun brand new percentage numbers now! Lets see how some of them feel today during out strength portion of class. For today’s workout we are going off the floor! If you decide to clean the first rep of the front squat IT…

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We have our last max out day today! We will be testing out back squats today! Today’s metcon is focused on body weight movements. If you have HSPU down I would like to see how many of you can accomplish thirty reps unbroken. Let’s how many conquer this huge milestone.   For Time: 50 Lunges…

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