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Well it seems like we all have one more day to get 17.1 done! Their website crashed and they are allowing people to submit scores today. If you still want to redo it lets get it done today. As far as our group class today we are doing a short and sweet workout today to…

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A ton of you had a great showing over the weekend tackling 17.1! However, if you would like to redo it TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! For the rest of you let’s recover a bit with this one. 6 Rounds: 300m Run 20 Jumping Lunges 20 DU’s


Well, that sure looks like a spicy workout to start the Open season off. We are getting after a very spicy workout ourselves today! If you are planing on doing the Open and would like to be judge make sure to contact me or one of the Judges! 12 Min. EMOM: Station 1: 15 Power…

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The Open officially starts today!! Make sure to be signed up before Monday! If you would like to come in and watch the live announcement together come down to the gym and we will all watch it together. 5 Rounds: 300m Run 10 T2B 15 Box Jumps (24″/20″)


This is sweet and short. Make sure to work on keeping your arms firmly lock out and to allow yourself to hit a full range of motion! 4 Rounds: 10 OHS (95/65) 30 Sit-Ups


The CrossFit Open is coming! If you are planing to participate in it and want to submit your scores makes sure to sign ASAP!! We are testing our Open readiness with this cardio blaster! 12 Min. EMOM: Station 1: Max Calorie Row Station 2: Max DU’s Station 3: Max Burpees Station 4: 1 Min Rest!!


Happy President’s Day! We are having some fun today with a very cool partner WOD! WE ONLY HAVE 7 AND 9 AM classes today!! 20 Min. AMRAP: 20 Power Cleans (95/55) 50 Cal. Row 30 Squats 100m Farmer’s Carry (64/35) 50 DU’s 20 Burpees


Time to finish this fun week off with this AMRAP. Don’t forget about our President’s Day Weekend hours!   14 Min. AMRAP: 200m Run 5 Power Snatches (115/75) 30 DU’s 5 Wall Balls (20/16) 200m Run


This is going to be a huge sprint!   7 Rounds: 7 T2B 7 Squats 7 Burpees 7 Lunges (L/R=1)


I hope all of you had an awesome Valentine’s Day yesterday. We ware working off any unnecessary Valentine’s Day fun with this mini beast!   “Tabata!!” Calorie Row –1 Min. Rest– Push-Ups –1 Min. Rest– SDHP (95/65)

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