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The week is over and we have a tough one to finish things off with. Lastly, we will unfortunately NOT HAVE CLASS TOMORROW MORING. Karate has their in house tournament. So, get outside and put your fitness to work!   18 Min. AMRAP: 800m Run 12 Bar MU’s 800m Run 12 Cleans (115/85) 400m Med.…

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Yesterday sure was fun! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! We will work through some possible soreness with this nice workout to keep everything flowing right.   25 Min. EMOM: 1: 20 Hollow Rocks 2: 16 Ball Slams (20/10) 3: 100m Run 4: 20 Russian Twists (25/10) 5: 12 Cal. Row


Today is my 24th birthday and I figured you all would love part-take on a fun workout to celebrate me getting SUPER OLD!! Let’s get after this FUN one and thank you for helping me grow day after day and year after year. All of you are very special to me and I truly appreciate…

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We are tackling some pistols today!! I recommend doing kettlebell swings Russian style for today’s workout. It should prove to be faster and should allow you make up some time from the pistols.   For Time: 50 Pistols 40 Burpees 50 Kb. Swings (35/26)


We are getting a quick gasser in today!!   3 Rounds: 10 Thrusters (95/65) 300m Run


This is going to be a sweaty one! It’s time to finish off the week with a nice cardio blaster.   “Tabata” Cal. Row **1 Min. Rest** Wall Balls (20/14) **1 Min. Rest** Jump Rope Singles **1 Min. Rest** SDHP (75/55)


We have a nice pull and push workout for you guys today! Let’s see if anyone can get a sub 14 time!   5 Rounds: 500m Row 15 Bench Press (135/85)


Cindy is stopping in today!! It has been a long time since we have tested this one. We should see some nice PR’s. For a lot of you doing it for the first time you will learn what Alligator Arms are tomorrow morning!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!   “Cindy” 20 Min. AMRAP 5 Pull-Ups 10 Push-Ups…

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It is going up on a Tuesday today!! You will be doing the dumbbell hang power cleans with one in each hang from above the knee position to the shoulders. It was is going to get SPICY!!   3 Rounds: 10 Ring Rows 10 Hang DB. Power Cleans (40/20) 10 V-Ups 50ft. Walking Lunges (45/25)


We have a tough in store for you today. Nothing too gnarly, but it should be a good time to contemplate on our fallen during 9/11. We will have a benchmark later this week that’s why we are not doing a hero WOD today. Let’s get it!   12 Min. EMOM: 1: 200m Run 2:…

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