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We are finishing this week off with some outside fun! For Time: 100ft. Sled Push (155/95) 800m Run 100ft. Farmer’s Carry (30/20) 400m Run 30 Single Arm OHS (40/30) 200m Run


We are getting after a spicy one today. Your score is the total number of ring dips completed for the EMOM.   12 Min. EMOM: 3 Burpees Max Ring Dips **Score is total ring dips!**


Things are going to get a bit more fun with this single arm thrusters. You will have to perform all ten in one side before moving on to the next arm.   3 Rounds: 300m Run 10 Pull-Ups 10 Right Arm DB. Thrusters (35/25) 10 Left Arm DB. Thrusters (35/25)


10-8-6-4-2: Bar Facing Burpees Power Snatches (95/55) Pistols Double-Unders


This weekend’s seminar was a great success. We got to learn a ton from Derrick Jonson and we will be seeing a lot of his movement prep pre and post workout in the weeks to come. Lets get things going!   For Time: 1,000m Row 200 Jump Ropes 400m Med. Ball Run (20/10) 100 Hollow…

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This is a two part workout. The first ten minutes are going to be the easier ones. You will have to row ONLY 150 meters. In completion of the first emom we are taking a two minute rest. After the two minute rest we are gong to jump into the spicy portion of the workout.…

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We are continuing to work through some of the residue Murph soreness with another small chipper! Derrick Johnson is here this Saturday morning at 10:30 AM!   For Time: 50 Russian Twist (20/10) 400m Run 50 Ring Rows 400m Run 50 Wall Balls (20/16)


Lets conquer the hump with a quick one today and remember we have the Olympic lifting seminar with Derrick Johnson this Saturday starting at 10:30 AM.   3 Rounds: 15 KB. Swings (35/26) 12 SDHP (95/55) 9 HSPU


We had a blast yesterday! A bunch of Murph PRs were set and the BBQ afterwards was just what all of you deserved after such a hard workout. We are back to normal class times today! Make sure to come in to at least workout some of your soreness out slightly. Also we are hosting a…

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We have two classes today!!! First classes is at 7 AM!! Second class is at 9 AM!!! Make sure to bring plenty of water and comfortable running shoes. Today’s workout is in honor of our military current, present and future service man/woman. It came about through Lt. Murphy. Come on in and endure this beast…

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