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Let’s do some Deadlifts! Start low and build up slowly so no one gets hurt. 5 Rounds of: Deadlifts, 5 reps.


Yay! the GHD machines are here! Let’s put them to good use… For time: 10 front squats 50 GHD sit-ups 15 front squats 40 GHD sit-ups 20 front squats 30 GHD sit-ups 25 front squats 20 GHD sit-ups


Ah, Monday, let’s go! Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes of: 12 walking lunges 10 hanging knees to elbows / 15 abmat sit-ups 20 squats 10 pull-ups


Just a little fun… For Time: 75 double unders / 200 singles 100 push-ups 100 abmat sit-ups 100 squats 75 double unders / 200 singles


Just us Martial Artists in here today… so this WOD should hit the spot. 3 rounds of: 10 Clean and Press 10 Roundhouse kicks each side 10 jab/cross combos each side 500m Row


Here’s a fun WOD! And don’t forget: CrossFit San Clemente’s official Grand Opening will be on Saturday, August 16th… check out the “EVENTS” page for more info! Here’s today’s workout: For time: 1200m Row 100 Box Jumps 1000m Row 50 Wall Balls 800m Row 50 Burpees


    It’s time for our annual Summer Showdown, the day we take to celebrate the arrival of Summer and a time to chill out with our CrossFit and Martial Arts families. On Saturday, June 18th we’ll start with a FREE workout at 10:00 am for all CrossFitters and any friends or family members who’d like…

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That makes two awesome workouts in a row! Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of: 11 Sumo Dead-lifts with high-pulls 11 Push Press 11 Pull-ups


Great 1st workout at CrossFit San Clemente! The site should be working okay now, so here’s today’s workout and everyone’s times. In the future, we’ll have the WOD (workout of the day) listed before the morning workouts begin so you can check it out, then later in the day you can come back and check…

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Group Training* 3x Week   – $185 Unlimited – $199 Drop-in – $25   Private Training   1 – $100 4 – $350  10 – $675 20 – $1200    Discount Pricing   Ask about our Couples’ Discount:  – Applies for couples or 2 members of the same family. 10% MFL Discount on any of…

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