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Nobody is turning thirty today, but we are chipping away at this thirtys’! You do have to complete all first sets of each set movement before moving forward to the next movements.   For Time: 30 Deadlifts (95/55) 30 Box Jumps (24″/20″) 30 Front Squats (95/55)


Today is going to be a spicy one! You will have to perform both burpees and double-unders in one minute or under for a total of fourteen rounds! Lets see how many of you can go unbroken on your double-unders for all fourteen minutes!   14 Min. EMOM: 5 Burpees 15 Double-Unders


Lets get over the Hump with this fun workout.   3 Rounds: 30 KB. Swings (35/26) 25 Calorie Row 200m Run


Running shoes are a must today! We are mixing our gymnastic movement with some fun out in the sun.   For Time: 400m Run 30 Pull-Ups 400m Run 30 Push-Ups 400m Run 30 T2B 400m Run 30 Sit-Ups


I hope all you papas got extra spoiled this pass weekend! Lets work off some of the Father’s Day sweets with this quick workout.   5 Rounds: 10 Hang Cleans (30/20) 10 Ball Slams (20/10) 5 Burpees


Last rower workout for the week!   15 Min. E5MOM: 15/12 Cal. Row 7 HSPU


Today we are getting swole with some fun movements.   “Swole!!” 2 Rounds: 30 Bench Press (45/35) 200ft. Sled Push (145/95) 30 DB. Lunges (35/25) 200m Ball Carry (20/16) 30 Kb. Swings (35/26)


We are sticking to some more rower work today!   3 Rounds: 30 Cal. Row 10 Thrusters (95/55) 20 Push-Ups


As you guys can see here we have started off this week with a lot of fun. Joe finally PRed his double-unders yesterday. Lets spice things up with this mini beast of a workout.   For Time: 800m Row 30 Burpees to Plate (35/25) 20 Wall Balls (20/16)


We are getting things started with a SPRINT!!   50-40-30-20-10: Double-Unders Sit-Ups Squats

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