W.O.D. FOR TIME!! 400m. Run 21 Hip-Back Extensions 400m. Run 18 Hip-Back Extensions 400m. Run 15 Hip-Back Extensions 400m. Run 12 Hip-Back Extensions 400m. Run 9 Hip-Back Extensions 400m. Run 6 Hip-Back Extensions 400m. Run 3 Hip-Back Extensions


W.O.D. "BEACH RUN" We will enjoy a nice day out side at the beach today so bring your water and running shoes and get ready for a fun day in the sun!!! We are gathering at North Beach @ 8:00am. and will be getting started shortly after.


W.O.D. "CLEAN" 3-3-3-3-3 Reps.   Tomorrow is the beach  day so don't show up at the normal spot because we wont be there! North Beach by the swings be there 8:00am. Have Fun, Play Hard!!!!


W.O.D. Walking Lunge 100 ft. 21 Pull Ups 21 Sit Ups Walking Lunge 100 ft. 18 Pull Ups 18 Sit Ups Walking Lunge 100 ft. 15 Pull Ups 15 Sit Ups Walking Lunge 100 ft. 12 Pull Ups 12 Sit Ups Walking lunge 100 ft. 9 Pull Ups 9 Sit Ups Walking Lunge 100 ft.…

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W.O.D. Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Reps.   The next generation of CrossFit trainers!!!! This  Saturday we will be gathering at the swing sets on North Beach for a nice run and some fun in the sun! Class will still be at 8:00am. So lets get out there and PLAY HARD!


W.O.D. 500m. Row 115# Push Press, 21 Reps. 500m. Row 115# Push Press, 18 Reps. 500m. Row 115# Push Press, 15 Reps. 500m. Row 115# Push Press, 12 Reps. For Time!!!!!!!           


W.O.D. Over Head Squat 3-3-3-3-3-Reps   Forget about eggs and bacon we are having CrossFit for breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!


W.O.D. 3 Rounds Of: 500m. Row 21 Burpees 400m. Run For Time!


W.O.D. 50 Double Under 50 Sit Ups 50 Push Ups 40 Double Under 40 Sit Ups 40 Push Ups 30 Double Under 30 Sit Ups 30 Push Ups 20 Double Under 20 Sit Ups 20 Push Ups 10 Double Under 10 Sit Ups 10 Push Ups For Time!!!!!!!!!!


W.O.D. 3 Rounds Of: 400m. Row 12 Dead Lift 20 Step Walking Lunge For Time!

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