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Your shoulders and abs are going to be tested today!!! Make sure to tape up your thumbs for this one. Your thumbs will thank you!   For Time: 18 Sit-Ups 42 DB. Snatches (45/25) 30 Sit-Ups 30 DB. Snatches (45/25) 42 Sit-Ups 18 DB. Snatches (45/25)


Simple and effective is the theme of today. We are sticking to only two basic movements!!   14 Min. EMOM: 1: 15 Burpee 2: 15/12 Cal. Row


We have some sprints in store today!!! Other than this we are also maxing out our snatch balances. Make sure to stop on in to see how much your snatch balance has increased.   “Heavy Hitter” 4 Min. AMRAP: 27 DU’s 21 Deadlifts (95/55) 15 HR Push-Ups ***4 Min. Rest*** 4 Min. AMRAP: 27 DU’s…

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We have a spicy one today!! Your shoulders are gong to get nice and toasty!   10 Rounds: 100m Run 10 V-Ups 5 HSPU


Today we have a partner workout to kickstart the week!!! We will be alternating every rep on the power cleans and splitting the wall balls by fives on the wall balls!! It should be a pretty fun mix up! Nico sure has his partner lock up in this one!   “You Go, I️ Go” 18…

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This is not your average Friday finisher!! We are sprint off the start with this nasty beast!   For Time: 50ft. Sled Push (135/95) 20 Thrusters (95/55) 800m Run


Back to back!!! Is exactly what we are doing this week with the EMOMs. This one is going to be a long one. Make sure to keep a consistent pace throughout this one. The rounds sure add up.   30 Min. EMOM: 1: 10 Push Ups 2: 10 Pull-Ups 3: 30 Double-Unders


Time to conquer the midweek blue with this sweet gasser of a workout!   20 Min. EMOM: 1: 200m Run 2: 15 Ring Dips 3: 14 DB. Snatches (45/25) 4: 10 Hang Power Cleans (95/65) 5: 8 Bar Over Burpees


Sweet and simple, but very effective is the name of the game today. Lets see how everyone’s legs and core hold up.   5 Rounds: 21 Air Squats 15 GHD Sit-Ups 9 OHS (75/55)


We will only have three station today, but you guys are sure going to break a sweat!!!   “Tabata” Station 1: Ball Slams (20/10) ****1 Min. Rest*** Station 2: Box Jumps (24″/20″) ****1 Min. Rest*** Station 3: Burpee

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