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Here is one of our awesome 90 Day Challenge Transformations! Jason sure is looking on good shape. Lets keep working on becoming a better you by getting after this nasty workout!   10 Rounds: 300m Run 5 Cleans (95/65)


We had a blast over this last weekend. Hoover Ball went great and the dunk truck sure showed everyone’s hard work! Lets keep getting Summer ready with this AMRAP!   12 Min. AMRAP: 13 Burpees 26 T2B 52 DU’s  


We are gong to test our speed on bench press with this easy workout!   5 Rounds: 300m Run 10 Bench Press (135/85) 10 Thrusters (95/55)


Lets get our gymnastics skill on with some of our favorite movements. This one is going to be a challenge, but stick with it. It will be worth it.   3 Rounds: 5 Bar MU’s 30 Alternating Pistols 30 Push Ups


  We are getting after another partner workout this week! One BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Due to some extra sunshine and the in house karate tournament we are going to have fun out at the beach this weekend! 20 Min. AMRAP: 50ft. Sled Push (135/95) 60 DB. Snatches (40/20) 50 Ring Rows 800m Partner Run 40 Partner Push-Ups…

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This should be a SPRINT! Practice cycle your pull ups with the butterfly technique. Lets shoot for sub 7 times.     25-20-15-10-5: Wall Balls (20/16) Pull-Ups


We are starting our week off with a SPICY AMRAP!! This one might turn into a time cap if you don’t move efficiently. Make sure to focus on strong powerful pulls on the rower! It will help you shade a few minutes off your workout.   23 Min. AMRAP: 75 DU’s 200m Run 25 Cal…

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Time to conquer the week!   For Time: 25-20-15-10-5: Box Jump Overs (30″/24″) 5-10-15-20-25: KB. Swings (64/35)


Today we are working some quick cardio! Make sure to keep count of all your reps.   “Tabata!!” Calorie Row 1 Min. Rest 100m Run 1 Min. Rest Sit-Ups


Hump Days are always better with a partner! Lets have some fun today and get after it with your favorite CrossFit buddy!   16 Min. AMRAP: 400m Partner Run 60 Double-Unders 400m Partner Run 40 Deadlifts (95/55) 400m Partner Run 20 Front Squats (95/55)

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